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Step One: Understanding the Current Economic Paradigm

We at the Radical Crux hold the view that our current economic paradigm incubates and breeds into existence the most severe world and human problems. Also, it is necessary to clarify that all world problems from our perspective ARE human problems, and one such example is ecosystem deterioration. That being said, the first thing that needs to be understood in order to move forward with methods of eliminating root causes, is an understanding of the money system itself. Welcome to ColdFusion TV! ColdFusion TV is a credible and entertaining source that we here at the Radical Crux support.

Who Controls All the World’s Money


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Sustainable City Systems

Sustainable city systems would function as Natural–Law, Resource-Based Economies (RBE).  By Natural Law we mean that our planet operates as a natural, symbiotic system within the laws of physics. By resource-based, simply put, we mean access versus acquisition.  This approach to city operation is holistic, and would be implemented through the scientific method using the technology of the time, such as quantum computers and artificial intelligence. We advocate for artificial intelligence because it is a purely objective methodology. Humans do not need to be removed from the design and/or function of their city systems; rather, people are free to submit ideas to be assessed through the scientific method to ensure that they are harmonious with the ecosystem, including humanity’s place within it; hence, for optimal benefit to their physical and spiritual well-being.

For a more comprehensive understanding of sustainable city systems, and for examples of how working systems, please visit Natural Law Resource Based Economy in the menu on this site.

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Access vs. Acquisition

We advocate for a moneyless system driven by the scientific method, and implemented through technology such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence. For a more comprehensive understanding of said technological methods, surf this site for relative articles and/or blogs.

A money-system is paralyzing as it does not promote growth through change and development. For instance, we have been dealing with the same social issues for centuries–systemic social problems such as poverty, war, gross crime, addiction and more. Money systems have done nothing to evolve us out of these misfortunes. To know how it is possible to create an environment that would develop our global society out of the systemic issues that affect us all, continue on to Sustainable City Systems located in this slider.

Our current economic paradigm creates established institutions that for survival purposes are forced to perpetuate themselves, restricting competitors however possible from taking away from their market share.  Seeing as corporations must compete with one another, it is counter intuitive for profits to produce durable, lasting products. This can be termed planned obsolescence, and creates perpetual cyclical consumption in order for the market system to thrive, and is an utterly wasteful system. What’s more, our money system produces a stratified society that results in stress related diseases, mental disorders, and self-esteem issues.

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