Let the Robots do the Work!

Nov 21, 2017

It’s inevitable–technological unemployment, but should we be scared? Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”  But what about our jobs?  Humanity has transitioned through several revolutions–the neolithic revolution, the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and we are now moving through the technological revolution, during which even computer software can be turned into  artificially intelligent bots. But is this time different?

People often think that new jobs will be created as the old ones are taken over. It’s interesting how so much confidence can be  put into job re-creation during a so-called progression, but apply it to a fear of foreigners taking our jobs, build a wall, or worse! It is true that mechanical machines replaced a large sector of  positions once performed by humans, but now,  mechanical minds that are programmed to teach themselves will out-compete humans for jobs in large enough numbers and soon enough that we better be talking about it.

The World Economic Forum is doing just that–deliberating about what to do when so many workers will be rendered unemployable due to mechanization.  Universal Basic Income (UBI) is one solution brought to the table.  Look, in a consumer society consumers are vital, obviously, and a UBI keeps the unemployed in the market. I view a Universal Basic Income as a transitional phase into a money-less economy. How can there be an economy with no money, you might ask?

Let’s define economy: careful management of available resources is one definition offered in a Google search.  Does our current money system allow for a careful management of available resources?  No, there’s an insurmountable amount of waste in our world, and seeing as small businesses and corporations need to compete with each other to thrive, profit is king. Furthermore, in a competitive market as such, creating goods and materials that are durable and long lasting is counter-intuitive to financial gain.  Additionally, the term “available resources” is applicable to nature’s providence, which is dictated by natural law. Speaking of dictate, nature is a dictator–if we do not adhere to her Natural Law, she will abort us as she will live on after we have destroyed her surface, and ourselves along with it. Will we throw off our primitive nature and rise to the occasion?  Well, what about the notion that artificial intelligence will develop our mental etiquette?

Will artificial intelligence destroy humanity? I think if we don’t merge with it, it very well could. You mean like cyborgs, you might ask? That’s precisely what I mean, and the merging of man and machine will enable us to work alongside artificial intelligence, rather than be overtaken by it. Essentially we will become gods, and that has the potential to end humanity in a ephemeral manner, rather than a destructive one. Furthermore, our intelligence will have evolved to such a degree that we will surely be awakened to the awareness of Natural Law and our symbiotic relationship to it; hence, we will have matured beyond our primitive competitive nature and will prosper in a Natural Law Resource Based Economy driven by the scientific method. Existence demands development, Peeps. Happy Developing!