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Today’s technology, and its future is extraordinary–fq5e4qw3rom play-toy robots to artificially intelligent bots, and from automobile vending machines to self-driving vehicles, and from smart walls to internet contact lenses! Let’s not forget to mention Elon Musk’s Neural Lace! Yes, for some (including myself), the future is exciting, while for many, it is frightening. I’ve created this page to include anything techy, with the aim to also include futuristic outlooks, whether dystopian or utopian. As for me, I have an optimistic outlook, and am all for letting the robots do the work! 🙂

Just plain cool stuff!

Testing Robot Consciousness
From Bionics to Predictive AI Boston Dynamic’s Upgraded Atlas Robot

Featuring: Robotics Gives you Extra Hands

Musk’s AI Destroys Champion Gamer

The People’s Internet

Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Hand Restores 100 Touch Sensations

Feeling Virtual Reality

Unusual Vehicles and Inventions

World’s First Giant Manned Robot Takes Steps

Sophia 2.0–A Must Watch! (The F-Bomb is dropped in the beginning so if you are sensitive to that, skip ahead a few minutes)

Elon Musk vs. Sophia 2.0 in Twitter War

BBC–Rise of the Robots part 1 of 2

BBC–Rise of the Robots, part 2 of 2

World’s Smallest Mona Lisa Stuff Assembles

This Screen is Wearable

Technological Unemployment–The Dark Side, and the Light Side

Humans Need Not Apply

In Response to Humans Need Not Apply

A Solution–Ted Talks

Futurist Dr. Michio Kaku and Physicist Max Tegmark Discuss Robots, AI, and the Singularity

Elon Musk’s Neuro Lace– Merging Humans With Artificial Intelligence

Japanese Hotel Manned by Robots

Five Machines That Will Blow Your Mind