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You Alone are Responsible for Your Behavior, Debunked!

For decades it has been said that “you alone are responsible for your behavior; hence, your destiny. This fallacy arose out of a biological position that was inaccurately fed to us through media. While the reasons for that can be debated, it’s not near as important as discovering the truth as this misinformation is highly disadvantageous to the whole of any society that adheres to it. The truth is that the media ran with discoveries made by biologists regarding the transference of genes from parents to their children, claiming determined genetic traits are the end all, be all of human nature. Naturally, free-will arguments showed up on the scene to assert their case in the age-old battle between Nature versus Nurture. While it certainly appears to be true at the surface level revealed in behavioral similarities between parents and their children, the reality is that behavioral genes are not deterministic.

What the media failed to propagate out of those studies performed by biologists, is that enhanced environments left predisposed genes switched off, and/or reversed genes that had been turned on, resulting in improved performance. What this means to you and I is that such genetic predispositions such as alcoholism, drug addiction, violence; and on the opposite end of behavior–non-violent, non-addicted, well-balanced, healthy individuals are influenced by the environment. Another aspect of the human condition is revealed in the simple fact that each one of us is composed of fundamentally the same constituents–atoms and molecules. This characteristic of the human composition begs the question, “Why do each of us behave in such different manners while possessing the same foundational composition”? Environment.

Today, human beings “indispensably” function under the belief that we must work to make money in order to acquire the things we need and want. In today’s post-scarcity world, this belief is highly disadvantageous to the entire human race because it breeds a dichotomy of self worth as the degree of acquisition defines success, or the lack thereof–the have’s and the have not’s. So long as people believe they must labor for money in order to have their needs and desires met, class stratification (human value) will always exist, resulting in a mentally and physically unhealthy human race, and declining ecosystems. For the reason that profit is king, markets will inevitably disregard the laws of nature and the health of humanity in order to compete, and/or simply acquire more and more wealth. On the other hand, tearing down this impeding paradigm would be a pivotal choice for change.

Once enough people understand the fallacy of genetics being a predetermined driving force of behavior, into the awareness that environment shapes biology, we will be open and ready for an ephemeral transition into healthy, artificially intelligent directed societies. Moreover, knowing that the fundamental constituents of everything that exists is the same in all of us, should further confirm that ‘external’ forces are playing a significant role in shaping our personalities. Artificial intelligence, unlike human beings, is purely objective, inevitably making its appearance, and could easily be programmed to adhere to Natural Law in the functioning of society. Furthermore, the human workforce is rapidly being replaced with technology that far exceeds human performance, leaving many people jobless, and threatening that many others will lose their incomes too. This is happening now, and will inescapably continue at rates faster than most people can even fathom. It is time we realize our worth, and ditch the Market System that leads to systemic problems such as class division, poverty, violence, addiction, and warfare that affects us all, and embrace the transition into an economy of access versus acquisition.

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