We champion automation/mechanization because statistically it is more productive than human labor–employment inverses into productivity. The only reason we as a society don’t push mechanization is because we’re stuck in an ancient paradigm of income for labor; hence, people want to keep their jobs when it is inevitable that income for labor will become obsolete. Economy always wins, unions or no unions, so in reality people needn’t fear losing their jobs because even in this monetary system, consumption is necessary; therefore, thrives on consumers.  If even 50% of the workforce is mechanized, profits would suffer such a blow as to incite corporations to need a solution. Universal Income is being widely considered as one possible resolution.

While we advocate a no-money system, we recognize Universal Basic Income as a transitional phase into a moneyless system sometime in the future. People are smartly lazy, and who doesn’t want much more time with their families, much more time to travel, and much more time to fulfill passions? Artificial Intelligence is rapidly on the rise, and will be the mechanical mind that replaces mental labor for income; consequently, careers in law, accounting, and even computer programming are at risk as artificially intelligent bots will replace biologically intelligent people; ergo, the Movement aspires to usher in Artificial Intelligence to steer a moneyless, Natural-Law, Resource-Based Economy via the Scientific Method. Being purely objective, Artificial Intelligence is perfectly capable of adhering to the Scientific Method.

For more information, and for a more comprehensive understanding of mechanization’s role in the transition out of money, visit Resource Based Economy in the menu on this site. Also see, Relative Books and Media in the same menu. There you will find a significant number of sources that will make sense out of these ideals.

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