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Sustainable City Systems

Sustainable city systems would function as Natural–Law, Resource-Based Economies (RBE).  By Natural Law we mean that our planet operates as a natural, symbiotic system within the laws of physics. By resource-based, simply put, we mean access versus acquisition.  This approach to city operation is holistic, and would be implemented through the scientific method using the technology of the time, such as quantum computers and artificial intelligence. We advocate for artificial intelligence because it is a purely objective methodology. Humans do not need to be removed from the design and/or function of their city systems; rather, people are free to submit ideas to be assessed through the scientific method to ensure that they are harmonious with the ecosystem, including humanity’s place within it; hence, for optimal benefit to their physical and spiritual well-being.

For a more comprehensive understanding of sustainable city systems, and for examples of how working systems, please visit Natural Law Resource Based Economy in the menu on this site.

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