Ambiguous Citadels

Our beliefs and/or perceptions can take such a stronghold on our minds that like citadels that keep things out, they also prevent growth and expansion. The reason for this lies in the function of primitive organs in the brain such as the amygdala, that are responsible for the flight or fight response of the sympathetic nervous system. And just as every biological entity adapts to its environment, so do the primitive organs of the brain. In other words, our sympathetic nervous system has evolved not only to deal with imminent danger such as wild predators, but also to handle perceived threats to our convictions and perceptions. How this defense system works is to shut down all unnecessary bodily functions in order to conserve energy to be used to run or fight, and it does that by hijacking all analytical sections of the brain to allow instinctual organs to take over. Who has time to analyze an approaching lion? Without knowing how to immediately tame the sympathetic nervous system in order to induce rational thought, fights are likely to break out over information that is incongruous with our deep-seeded convictions. Or, in flight mode, people run away from conflicting information, storing it away in an attempt to never revisit it.

Mental citadels work to keep conflicting information out, and in so doing they can significantly slow inevitable expansion and growth–existence demands development, and in an ambiguous term, I’ll say that consciousness will turn itself inside out to understand, and it will do so no matter how resistant, or how slow ones mind goes about it.  Furthermore, regardless of individual resistance, the collective mind-consciousness will make significant strides in efforts to promulgate development. The good new is, once a person is aware, controlling the mind’s sympathetic nervous system sentinel isn’t all that difficult.

Not only is controlling the sentinel of the mind as simple as stopping and taking several deep breaths, there is a plethora of self-help material available to help people master self-control of these primitive organs. I’ll post some resources in links below this blog. The world will be a much more peaceful and prosperous place as more and more people become aware and learn to master control over the sympathetic nervous system.

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