Can YOU Think Outside of the Money Box?

Since its inception in 2007 (roughly), The Zeitgeist Movement has been advocating for a complete economic and political overhaul. Seeing the current economic paradigm as the root cause of today’s systemic social problems; such as poverty, gross crime, warfare, and/or addiction, the Movement has been promulgating a new train of thought in favor of access over acquisition, using the scientific method as the engine of a new, globally sustainable system. One method I see that could potentially bring this sort of system into being is the use of quantum computers placed strategically around the globe, used to survey the earth’s resources relative to the population. Don’t let scarcity scare you, in today’s world there is plenty to go around!

Many people immediately slip into a knee-jerk response, labeling this sort of framework communist. Others think it to be simply Utopian, falling back on the age-old battle between nature and nurture, with nature being that genes are the end-all, be-all dictator of personality and character. On the contrary, we now know that the environment shapes biology; hence, there are no predetermined genetic traits, and there are only a handful of fixed genetic diseases. Rather than genetic determination, what we have are genetic predispositions that can be turned on and off like a light switch, depending on what one’s biology determines about its environment, even in utero. For instance, if a mother is overly stressed during pregnancy, her fetus will assess the outside world as a stressful place, and will adapt accordingly, with built-in defense mechanisms that if switched on by the world it is developing in, could result in a violent individual. That is an epigenetic affect.

While it can be difficult to swallow that we, individually and collectively, have contributed to these systemic issues such as violence, addiction, and poverty, this awareness also empowers us with the wherewithal to create a world that would significantly reduce such misfortunes.

~Existence demands development! Happy developing Peeps. 🙂


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